Bob Marley OG

Bob Marley OG

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Named after one of the most iconic figures in both the music and marijuana communities, Bob Marley lives up to its name no question. Upon first glance, you might think you don’t have the amount you think you would, because these buds are super dense…deceivingly so. The buds are also absolutely covered in orange hairs tangled in a thick layer, reminiscent of Marley’s signature dreadlocks. The smell and inhale/smoke are musty and subtle, lending for a deeper, smoother inhale. The high immediately resonates in the head, most notably in the eyes and ears. While being a Sativa, this strain has been known to cause a considerable amount of drowsiness, which when mixed with the more cerebral high, is extremely conducive to activities or environments that involve a lot of relaxing. This makes Bob Marley OG the perfect companion those who like listening to music, especially, you guessed it, reggae. This marijuana strain is recommended for patients who suffer from social, anxiety, or mental disorders. While enjoyable, it might not meet the needs of those suffering from physical ailments or aches/pains.


Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Looks like: Small dense buds, caked in orange hairs covering spots of pale green

Smells like: Wood-chips/Tree Bark

Makes you feel: Euphoric, Happy, Creative, Energetic, Relaxed

Helps you with: Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Lack of Appetite

Cons: Dry Eyes, Headaches, Paranoia, Dizziness

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