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Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel is one of the most renown strains in the medical marijuana industry.  Known mostly for its potent smell and flavor, it is a sensible sativa-dominant strain. The “sour” in Sour Diesel refers to its pungent dank aroma, and the diesel refers to its ability to run users over.

Sour Diesel is often referred to as having a skunk like smell and its taste is identical to its smell, but does come off a bit harsh on your lungs. It is a great strain for staying medicated during the day, because it is not known to cause drowsiness. Sour Diesel is a moderate pain reliever, but excellent at helping maintain focus. So, it is a great strain for users that want to be able to stay awake after they medicate.

This strain is widely grown and cultivated, because it is so easy and quick to grow. The lineage of Sour Diesel is mostly a big mystery, but it is thought to be a sativa-dominant descendent of Chemdawg.

The one reason that sour diesel only receives a 4/5 star rating is that its effects seem to wear off faster than other strains.

Parents: Unknown. Though to be a descendent of Chemdawg.

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Looks like: Mint green with white hairs and bright orange throughout.

Smells like: Skunk with a hint of lemon. Very potent flavor.

Makes you feel: Aware and energetic.

Helps with: Anxiety, depression, and moderate pain relief.

Cons: Not as potent as some medical strains, and the taste can sometimes be overpowering.

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