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Published on December 13th, 2013 | by Eleanor Russell


Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie Eleanor Russell

Cherry Pie Review


Summary: Cherry Pie gives a sativa type high that hits very quickly. The high hits the mind and relaxes the body without a couch lock effect. Cherry Pie is helpful for chronic pain and stress.


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User Rating: 4.3 (2 votes)

Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid of Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) and F1 Durban. Though the flavor is okay, it is a little bit redundant; it just doesn’t stand out from any other mint-like flavored strains.

Cherry Pie has great genetics, and grows very dense and sticky buds. Cherry Pie 2The strain is truly a rare find, and its genetics are commonly misconstrued. The high is very quick-hitting, and almost resembles a sativa type high. The high that Cherry Pie produces is one that hits both mind, and body.

Cherry Pie helps relax your muscles without the couch lock effect.It is great for chronic pain, and also does wonders for stress. Cherry Pie is best in the afternoon, as it does not make you drowsy.

Cherry Pie is all around a great medicine to have, and that is why it received a rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Parents: Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) x F1 Durban
Type: Indica-dominant hybrid.
Looks like: Very dark green with purple undertones. More shimmering trichromes than orange hairs.
Smells like: A slightly weaker taste than GDP, but more expansive in your lungs.
Makes you feel: Ready, happy, and care-free.
Helps you with: Stress and anxiety. Moderate pain relief.
Cons: Has a very odd taste. Almost tastes like burnt cherry pie with a mint garnish.

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