Indica vs. Sativa

Out of the thousands of marijuana strains being produced today, the large majority of them are derived from one of the two most prominent cannabis categories: Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. It is essential, when choosing your medication, to know the differences and similarities of these two species.

Scent Specificity

Strains are most often easy to detect based on their scent, which is more formally known as terpenes. The terpenes are responsible for the main aromatic compounds found in cannabis. Interestingly, they are not Cannabis specific and are found in plenty of herbs and spices; terpenes are responsible for the spiciness in black pepper.

Though marijuana strains very greatly in scent, it has been found that the two cannabis species actually follow their own scent patterns. Cannabis Sativa plants tend to produce more fragrant buds, and these pungent aromas range from sweet and sugary to earthy with the occasional diesel fuel undertone. On the other hand, Cannabis Indica plants give off a muskier, spicy, skunky scent that seems to be less pleasant.

Mind High vs. Body High

The central and most important difference between Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa is, of course, the highs they produce. An Indica high gives users narcotic-like effects, and is known to leave users with “couch-lock” syndrome, which is – essentially – exactly what it sounds like. In gaining a pure “body buzz”, Cannabis Indica is the perfect post-work day stress reliever and relaxant. Indica enthusiasts prefer to mellow-out with their favorite NetFlix series at home or take a nap. Because of these tendencies, Indica strains are commonly used for night-time highs.sativa indica effects

Sativa Cannabis tends to produce a cerebral “head high”, which makes it the perfect morning medication. This species’s high is both energetic and uplifting and is known to stimulate creativity and intellectual ability. Additionally, many users credit Sativa for their heightened five senses, mainly enhancing audio and visuals. For these reasons, this species has become increasingly popular among the art-based community.

Medicinal Effects

Along with their fundamentally different highs, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa strains each have their own unique medicinal benefits. Indica, because of its numbing and relaxing properties, is ideal for providing full-body pain relief. For patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, chronic pain, and severe muscle spasms, Indica is the perfect choice. Also, due to its heavily sedative effects, Cannabis Inidca provides an ideal sleep aid for those suffering from sleep apnea or insomnia. But wait! That’s not all. This species also carries high levels of CBD and can work to calm electrical brain storms induced by epilepsy and convulsions.

Because of Sativa’s “head high”, this species is effective in treating mental and behavioral issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and ADHD. This is done by promoting focus, mental stability, and a positive attitude. Cannabis Sativa also works as an appetite stimulant, which can be extremely helpful for patients diagnosed with eating disorders and cancer.

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