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Published on March 30th, 2020 | by Eleanor Russell


OG Kush Wax

OG Kush Wax Eleanor Russell



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OG Kush is the balanced 50/50 hybrid grandfather strain to hundreds of different strains and phenotypes, though its origins are a bit mysterious. Said to have been born from bag-seed in Florida back in the 1990s, this legendary strain has been the genetic backbone to classic strains all over the United States, including SFV OG, White Fire OG, and Headband OG. 

The strain is beloved for its balanced physically relaxing effects, stress relief, and heavy euphoria. Many medical patients choose OG Kush for its ability to improve muscle pains, headaches, and migraines. However, it may also treat stress and anxiety disorders due to its potent cerebral effects. OG Kush is also well-known for its superior trichome and THC production, which makes it a good choice for concentrating into shatter, wax, and live resin. That being said, OG Kush Wax is one of the best ways to enjoy the strain. 

OG Kush Concentrate

OG Kush Wax tastes and smells a lot like the flower. It offers an earthy and semi-sour scent of pine and lemon both on the plant and concentrated into the wax. Its flavor is similar to its aroma with tart citrus notes and deep woody undertones which make a lasting impression on your taste buds. On average, OG Kush Wax offers extremely high THC potencies ranging from 75-95% THC, meaning that a little wax goes a long way. 

OG Kush Wax Review

While wax in of itself isn’t the most beautiful form of concentrated cannabis on the market, OG Kush Wax is still something to behold. Aside from the waxy texture, OG Kush Wax is predominantly golden amber in color. Some OG Kush waxes take on a yellow color and a whipped texture, though by and large the majority has a crumbly appearance and a soft texture which makes it stable and consistent for long-term storage under the right conditions. You can keep it crumbly, or you can agitate the product into a creamy buddery whip which makes it more stable. 

OG Kush Wax Concentrate

Much like the flower, OG Kush Wax promotes physical relaxation and an uplifting mental effect. Because of its extreme potency, it provides a long-lasting cerebral effect that’s perfect for unwinding and relaxing after a long day. If you’re a medical patient with treatment-resistant pain, OG Kush Wax may be the better option for you since higher levels of THC make it possible to go about your business without the side effects. 

All in all, OG Kush wax offers all the best effects that the OG Kush strain has to offer. If you need a higher dose of THC to help manage your symptoms, look no further than this concentrated classic. Best of all, its citrusy flavor and earth aroma make for a great session at any time of day. Next time you see a gram of OG Kush wax at your favorite dispensary be sure to give it a try. 

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Based in San Francisco, Eleanor specializes in reviewing strains of cannabis flower and concentrates, and the dispensaries that sell them.

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