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Sour Diesel Wax

Sour Diesel Wax Eleanor Russell

Sour Diesel Wax Review


Summary: Sour Diesel wax delivers both a strong body and head high, trademark of its sativa-dominant genetics. The high from Sour Diesel wax usually lasts several hours but doesn't usually end in a nap.The high from Sour Diesel wax is one that will last several hours, but will not necessarily lead to taking a nap.


Strong Buzz!

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Sour Diesel is one of the most popular medical marijuana strains available today. That is why it is now commonly made into a wax-like concentrate. The genetics of the concentrate are the exact same of the plant, because the concentrate is made directly from the Sour Diesel strain. Wax concentrates are a great way to take your medicine quickly with little effort. Two dabs and you will be highly medicated. A strong body buzz with an even a stronger head buzz is the trademark of the sativa-dominant concentrate. The high from the Sour Diesel wax is one that will last several hours, but will not necessarily lead to taking a nap. Although it does not smell nearly as aromatic as the buds themselves of Sour Diesel, the Sour Diesel wax concentrate has a great smell none the less. The taste is equally as amazing as its raw form counterpart. Sour Diesel wax can cost up to $50 a gram, but it is economical in its own right due to its potency. The potency of Sour Diesel wax is also what earned it a rating of 5/5 stars.Sour Diesel Wax 3

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid concentrate.
Looks like: Dark golden; almost honey-like.
Smells like: Very pungent and skunk-like.
Makes you feel: Uplifted, focused, and energetic.
Helps you with: Nausea, chronic pain, lethargy, loss of appetite, and anxiety.
Cons: Not as flavorful as the bud itself of Sour Diesel.

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