Hybrid Strains Strawberry Diesel Strain Review

Published on May 11th, 2020 | by Eleanor Russell


Strawberry Diesel Strain Review

Strawberry Diesel Strain Review Eleanor Russell



Ultra-balanced hybrid

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Strawberry Diesel is an ultra-balanced hybrid cross between NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough first propagated by Reservoir Seeds back in 2007. It offers a perfect blend of physical relaxation and uplifting mental effects that make it a perfect strain at any time of day or night for both medical ailments and recreational fun alike. If you’re looking for a strain to gently relax your muscles while giving you an energized, clear-headed cerebral effect, look no further than the versatile powerhouse known for its higher concentrations of THC, great flavors, and a ton of medical uses. 

Strawberry Diesel takes after both of its parents in the looks department. She grows taller in standard sativa fashion with thinner light-green to red water leaves and a more spacious cola structure, meaning she will need regular training to prevent the plant from growing up past the lights. Her flowers are large, lightly-packed football-shaped nugs that break apart from the main colas with ease. When dried, the flowers take on a light sage green to yellow color that contrasts nicely with the white trichome heads that cover the flowers from top to bottom. Flowers also contain sandy brown to orange pistils that curl out among the trichome heads. 

Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Review

Strawberry Diesel is probably best known for its unique flavor and aroma profiles, though. On the plant, Strawberry Diesel takes on a fragrant and fruity scent that’s reminiscent of summer berries and citrus. When dried, sour earthy scents and that diesel aroma we all know and love take point. When the nugs are broken apart, the fruity scent bursts forth, though the gas smell tends to overwhelm after a few minutes. 

When smoked, the fruity Strawberry Diesel scents take the back seat and are overpowered by the sour, chem-y diesel scent known and loved by OG Kush and Diesel connoisseurs. On an inhale, you’re hit with the intense diesel kick. The smoke itself is very thick and spicy, so be sure to hit lightly or you’ll be coughing for an hour. On the exhale, the diesel flavors make their exit and you’re left with that sweet citrus and berry aftertaste and a slight earthy kick. 

Strawberry Diesel Weed Review

While she looks, smells, and tastes great, Strawberry Diesel is a favorite for her balanced effects and medical uses. She contains around 20-24% THC on average, so she hits pretty heavy. Strawberry Diesel offers an uplifting head high that mellows into a relaxing body high that lasts for hours at a time. Creatives reach for this strain for its focusing and motivating effects that can help you go along with your day with a clear head and a positive mental attitude. However, at the right dose she’s also good for managing stress and promoting rest and sleep. Many medical patients love Strawberry Diesel for its ability to relieve mild headaches and pains, increase appetite, relax muscles, and soothe the symptoms of depression. 

All in all, Strawberry Diesel is a great choice for a number of ailments. It can encourage both productivity and energy and help you get to sleep based on your dosage. Best of all, it looks, smells, and tastes awesome. The next time you see Strawberry Diesel at your favorite dispensary, be sure to give it a try. It’s one of our go-to strains for its balanced effects, potency, and flavors! 

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