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Published on April 10th, 2020 | by Eleanor Russell


Candy Kush Strain Review

Candy Kush Strain Review Eleanor Russell

Candy Kush Review


Summary: Kandy Kush hits fast and hard with drowsiness and the munchies following soon after!


Lock your pantry!

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There are many different strains from completely different backgrounds that go by the name of Candy Kush. One version is a cross between OG Kush and Blue Dream while another is made from the Auto Pounder and Kush strains. However, true Candy Kush comes from the classic cross between OG Kush and Trainwreck. Anything else is technically a counterfeit misnomer. True Candy Kush is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid with potent levels of 15-25% THC. 

Candy Kush Strain Review

Candy Kush tends to take after its OG Kush parent as far as appearance, though there are Candy Kush phenotypes floating around that grow taller and more sativa-like in structure thanks to the concentration of Trainwreck genetics. It grows wide, bushy branches that require maintenance and training to keep growth under control. Her water leaves are dark green to blue, and her flowers range in color from purple to green. In some cases, she displays hints of blue and pink. Dried Candy Kush flowers are a light sage green color with sandy orange pistils. She displays a lot of silvery-white trichome heads that coat the flowers in a THC-rich blanket, making her a high-yielder and a popular choice for making concentrates. 

Candy Kush Cannabis Review

Candy Kush tastes and smells just as good as she looks. From the jar, you can smell notes of sweetness, earth and pine. When the flowers are broken open, more herbal and citrus scents make an appearance. On an inhale you can detect notes of a sweet, herbal citrus flavor. The smoke is on the thicker side and contains peppery terpenes like caryophyllene which can cause coughing, so exercise caution with larger hits. On the exhale, you’re left with a sweet citrusy candy-like flavor with an herbaceous and piney aftertaste. 

Candy Kush looks, smells and tastes great, but she also promotes a potent, full-body high that’s sought after for its intense pain relief. Medical patients love this strain for its ability to reduce the symptoms of stress, insomnia, and chronic pain. Recreational users and medical patients alike love Candy Kush for its happiness-amplifying and mild euphoric mental effect that causes sleepiness, relaxation and the munchies. All in all, Candy Kush is a California classic that’s great for its well-balanced indica-dominant effects. It looks and tastes like candy, and can help you battle stress, insomnia, and pain. Next time you see it at your favorite dispensary, give it a go! You’ll be glad you did. 

Parents:OG Kush x Trainwreck
Type: Indica-dominant hybrid.
Looks like: Fat buds covered in crystals.
Smells like: Lemony sweetness.
Makes you feel: Sleepy, Hungry, Tired, Relaxed
Helps you with: Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Appetite
Cons: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Headaches

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Based in San Francisco, Eleanor specializes in reviewing strains of cannabis flower and concentrates, and the dispensaries that sell them.

9 Responses to Candy Kush Strain Review

  1. Fern Campbell says:

    Sweet inhale, smooth exhale. Started out as a strong, energetic high and then calmed to a more relaxed, couch lock high.

  2. Justin Days says:

    Great quality, dense buds. i have to disagree and say that this strain creeped up on me, i felt the effects after a few minutes, it didn’t hit me like a ton of bricks. still a great strain.

  3. patricia Phillips says:

    Got hit hard and had anxiety the first few minutes.. once that passed it was smooth sailing and i enjoyed it.

  4. Christal Green says:

    A friend gave me some of this as a gift. Strong aroma, and felt the effects after the first hit. After the second hit the effects just got stronger – relaxed, calming, creative high.

  5. Paul Fitzgerald says:

    Helps me relax!

  6. Shawn Austin says:

    Those buds are incredible!

  7. Leticia Kelly says:

    Great hybrid.. Got high, the munchies hit and then i crashed.

  8. Jimmy Ortiz says:

    A great, relaxing, creative high.

  9. Miles Long says:

    Except for the getting the munchies part this strain sounds like the perfect strain for me. Smoked a lot of Charlie Sheen but it enhanced my normal anxiety to a higher level.

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