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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by Eleanor Russell



Guido Eleanor Russell

Guido Review


Summary: Guido gives a great long lasting high. It offers deep pain relief, stress relief, and is great for lounging around and kicking back.


Rare Gem!

User Rating: 3.5 (3 votes)

For those who are able to get their hands on this rare strain, they are in for a treat.

Guido is a cross-breed between Platinum and Bubba, making it the ultimate Indica hybrid for those who are fans of classic, heavy Bubbas. Bubba is great for any type of smoking, whether you prefer glass or paper, as the inhale will always be silky smooth, resulting in a nice, stress relieving exhale.

The Guido will keep you stoned for hours, making this a supreme choice for trained connoisseurs and penny pushers alike. Amazing for indoor activities, lounging around, and deep pain relief, the Guido is sure to keep you smiling time and time again.Guido

Parents: Platinum x Bubba
Type: Indica
Look like: Pale greens with dark orange hairs, intense purple and blue streaks. Trichrome crystals have a deep amber hue.
Smells like: Surprisingly fruity/sweet for an Indica
Makes you feel: Euphoric, Lazy, Sleepy, Creative, Talkative
Helps you with: Stress, Nausea, Migraines, Pain, Anxiety
Cons: Dry Eyes, Paranoia, Dry Mouth

About the Author

Based in San Francisco, Eleanor specializes in reviewing strains of cannabis flower and concentrates, and the dispensaries that sell them.

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