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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by Eleanor Russell



Louis XIII OG Eleanor Russell

Louis XIII Review


Summary: Extremely potent, great for getting a night of solid Zzzs. Daytime doses are doable, with occasional waves of euphoria and "chill".


Beware of Zombies!

User Rating: 2.5 (8 votes)

Louis XIII is named after royalty for good reason. It is usually found on the topmost of top shelfs in dispensaries, and is high in its hierarchy within the weed world. Louis is extremely potent, and is recommend for nighttime use for the most part. Particularly great for sleep, as it can both knock you out and keep down for a great night’s sleep. Daytime smoking is doable, but you may experience “zombie-like” symptoms, (most notably in movement and speech). Even though this strain is classified as an extremely heavy indica, it does have beneficial effects often experienced with strong sativas. Euphoria and a deep sense of “chill” will overcome you simultaneously. Overall, and extremely hard hitting strain that will replace your sleeping pills tonight!Louis_XIII_OG


Type: Indica
Looks like: Large, chunky buds with dark greens and subtle oranges found in hairs covered in trichomes
Smells like: Heavy OG, Sweet/Skunky
Makes you feel: Sleepy, Happy, Relaxed, Pain-Free, Euphoric
Helps you with: Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety, Lack of Appetite, Depression
Cons: Couch Lock, Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness, Headaches

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Based in San Francisco, Eleanor specializes in reviewing strains of cannabis flower and concentrates, and the dispensaries that sell them.

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