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Published on October 1st, 2019 | by Eleanor Russell



HeroJuana Eleanor Russell

Herojuana Strain Review


Summary: Insomnia-busting stress reliever


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Herojuana, also known as Herijuana, is a 50/50 hybrid cross between Petroilia Headstash and Killer New Haven by Woodhorse Seeds. These two regional favorites were worked on by breeders for over a decade to create the perfect inbred line of plants that produce nearly identical seeds and plants to the original cross. The results of this labor of love are a potently sedative hybrid strain with indica-dominant effects that come on almost instantly. Herojuana hits hard with a rush of euphoric bliss that leaves users with a sense of peaceful happiness and lingering creativity. However, it hits the body harder than it hits the mind. A few puffs of Herojuana will soothe and relax muscles in the body, allowing the mind to rest and the body to relax and physically unwind enough to drift off gently to sleep.

Medical patients love Herojuana for its insomnia-busting properties as well as potent stress relief. It’s also great for improving appetites and soothing feelings of depression or anxiety with its gently uplifting mental effects. Herojuana’s heavy, numbing sensation even makes an excellent choice for battling chronic pain. 

Herojuana is a lovely plant that grows heavily-compacted medium-sized flowers. She tends to be a little on the larfy side, producing her flowers semi-sparsely on long stretching branches. She also tends to be a pretty classic example of cannabis, right down to her average build and wide, dark green fan leaves. Her flowers are a similar shade of green with fat hashy trichomes and orange/amber pistils curling throughout. These dense calyxes can be broken open to see a lighter shade of green and plenty more trichomes. On the nose Herojuana is pleasantly pungent, offering a rich, sweet odor with earthy sandalwood undertones. On the inhale, she opens up into an earthy, hashy fruit flavor. The smoke is gentle on the lungs straight through to the exhale which leaves you with a lasting impression of a pleasant herbal spiciness many strains don’t come anything close to. 

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