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Published on December 12th, 2013 | by Eleanor Russell


Mars OG

Mars OG Eleanor Russell

Mars OG Review


Summary: Low CBD levels in Mars OG means it's cancer fighting qualities are fair; although it is sure to help with some side effects. Mars OG is great for chronic pain, stimulating appetite and easing nausea.


Sleepy Time!

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Mars OG is a very pungent, and heavy indica-dominant hybrid strain. It has very dense buds that are dark green in color, and dark orange to redhairs litter the surface along with trichromes on the thick buds. Mars OG is a rather mysterious strain originating from San Diego, California. This strain gets its name from the timing it takes before it is transferred into bloom, or moved outside into more natural conditions. Although little is known about the genetics of this strain, Mars OG it is still very well sought after.

Mars OG is used mostly for pain relief, but also has been known to help with depression. The relatively low CBD content means that Mars OG probably is not the best strain to help you battle cancer, but it will help with side effects that come with cancer, like your appetite for example.

Mars OG packs a potent punch as far as the high goes, and will leave both your mouth and eyes dryer than average. Keep a glass of water close at hand if you are going to be medicating with this very potent strain. It is also known to cause heavy drowsiness, so make sure to only use it at night.

Because Mars OG is so great for chronic pain, it gets an overall rating of 5/5.


Parents: Unknown. Thought to be of the Fire OG phenotype.
Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
Looks like: Extremely dense, and dark green with dark red-orange hairs
Smells like: Fruity or piney
Makes you feel: Euphoric, relaxed, content and focused.
Helps with: Nausea, migraines, joint pain, and stress.
Cons: Extremely dry mouth and eyes.

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