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Published on January 13th, 2017 | by Eleanor Russell


Platinum NorCal

Platinum NorCal Eleanor Russell

Platinum NorCal Review


Summary: Platinum NorCal is a strong indica strain perfect for pain, anxiety, helping to create an appetite, and trouble sleeping.


Heavy Hitter!

User Rating: 3.4 (6 votes)

Wow! The Farmacy got this strain right. Platinum NorCal is an extremely hard hitting indica strain, and it will not leave you disappointed.

Platinum NorCal clearly gets its name from is glistening white trichromes, which give it a platinum hue. The dark green buds look lighter in color with the frosted layer over top, but the heavy green-purple tones remain underneath.

Platinum NorCal tastes a bit earthy at times, and smells rather sour. At the same time, Platinum NorCal is a very smooth smoke. Its taste could be a bit more unique, but it is definitely still pleasurable. Platinum NorCal also has a sour, but mint-like, smell.

Platinum NorCal Close Up

The heavy indica’s lineage is a bit of a mystery, but that doesn’t keep it from being a potent medicine. This strain is perfect for pain, anxiety, helping to create an appetite, and trouble sleeping. That being said, it is a medical marijuana strain that is for veteran users. You do not want to use this strain for daytime medicating if you can avoid it. Platinum NorCal does have a tendency to make your eyes extremely heavy. It will also leave your stomach growling. Platinum NorCal is a very good strain overall.

Parents: Unknown. Developed by The Farmacy
Type: Indica
Looks like:  Dark green popcorn-like buds.
Smells like: Dank and sour mint.
Makes you feel: Relaxed, hungry, and sleepy.
Helps you with: Pain, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite stimulation.
Cons: Dry mouth, dry eyes, and lethargy.

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