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Published on November 8th, 2019 | by Eleanor Russell


Platinum Sky

Platinum Sky Eleanor Russell



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Platinum Sky is a pheno-hunted cross between the heavy indica-dominant Platinum OG and the 50/50 hybrid strain known as Skywalker. This specific phenotype displays heavily indica-dominant properties and stunning flower structure and is currently available as a clone-only strain in California.

On average, she tests in anywhere from 19-24% THC, thanks to her highly resinous trichome heads and thick, popcorn cola structure. The effects of Platinum Sky are highly sedative and are most apparent in the body. The strain is known for a potent couch-locking sensation that leaves the limbs and eyelids feeling heavy as well as a gentle, numbing cerebral high that washes away worries and stress.

Platinum Sky Review

It’s an excellent choice for medical patients suffering from insomnia or depression though it also makes great medicine among patients managing chronic pain, lack of appetite and headaches. Its mental effects are generously calming and uplifting, too. Platinum Sky is like a hug at the end of a long day. It’s great for an evening at home on the couch after a rough day of meeting deadlines, running errands or generally feeling stressed out.

Platinum Sky Marijuana Review

Even though Platinum Sky is a hybrid, she displays indica effects primarily and grows correspondingly. She likes to bush out instead of growing tall. Her water leaves are a dark shade of forest green and tend to be short and broad, though she needs to be trimmed back regularly to keep her growth under control. Left unchecked, she grows long viney tendrils that tangle among themselves, making it difficult for the plant to focus primarily on flower production. When properly topped and trained, she grows thick colas made up of dense popcorn nugs, some of which grow to be the size of small footballs. The flowers themselves are small but compact and extremely frosty. Her flowers are also dark green with bright orange or red pistils curling throughout. They are coated in thick silvery-white trichomes that contain potent levels of THC.

Platinum Sky Weed

On the nose, Platinum Sky is a very pungent and herbal strain that smells both fresh and citrusy. An inhale creates a more significant depth of flavor that brings more flavors you’d recognize from its parent strains, including a fuel-tinged kush flavor among the herbal freshness. Like most strains with OG Kush in its lineage, it tends to have acrid, peppery smoke that is sure to make you cough. On the exhale, the most predominant flavors mellow into that unique kushy spice with a mild lemon and citrus aftertaste, sure to help you relax or drift off to sleep in no time at all. 

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