Diamond OG

Diamond OG

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Diamond OG is a great indica strain that is sure to have you in a state of relaxation. Diamond OG is actually a very potent descendent of OG Kush. It has very light green buds, and it almost glistens with trichromes. Diamond OG buds look like miniature frost-covered pine trees. Diamond OG has a great pine-like flavor, and it hits lungs smoothly. It smells like it tastes: relaxing, smooth, and pine-like.

The high that you receive after medicating with Diamond OG is a very strong body high, and definitely will have a couch lock effect.  Diamond OG is also a very good pain reliever, because of its intense relaxing properties. Joint pain, migraines, stress headaches, and insomnia are sure to stand no chance against this heavy indica. Diamond OG has great overall medicinal values, and will help with any number of symptoms. A true rare gem of medical marijuana strains.

Diamond OG rates at 5/5 stars overall, and has earned its reputation.


Parents: OG Kush

Type: Powerful indica

Looks like: A lime green surface peppered with trichromes and faint orange hairs.

Smells like: Skunky and piney.

Makes you feel: Calm, relaxed muscles, and somewhat euphoric.

Helps you with: Joint pain, arthritis, insomnia, nausea, and much more.

Cons: Heavy eyelids, couch lock, and dry mouth/eyes.

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