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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by Carly Ann



AK-47 Carly Ann

AK-47 Review


Summary: AK-47 has a high THC content, and delivers a potent hit. It's a great strain for combating insomnia, depression, and pain relief. The high results in a relaxed body due to its indica heritage.


Very potent!

User Rating: 2.3 (9 votes)

AK-47 is a 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid that has been a crowd pleaser for decades. It has a unique pine-like flavor, and it smells just as equally amazing. AK-47 buds have a yellowish tint, and do not get the vibrant red hairs that some people love. The looks of AK-47 may be the worst part of the strain, however, the potent high of AK-47 is plenty enough to forget about the strain’s lack-luster appearance.AK-47-Strain2

The creators of AK-47 at Serious Seeds claim to have tested the strain at 20% THC content. AK-47 should be taken lightly during the day, because it can create some heavy limbs.  It is a great strain for pain relief, depression, and for fighting insomnia. It is also a very easy strain to grow indoors, and has become a medical marijuana advocate favorite for personal grows.

AK-47 did not make it to legendary strain status by being an average strain, and therefore deserves a 4.5/5 star rating.

Parents: Exact lineage of the strains is unknown, but Serious Seeds did go on record to say that they bred it from Afghani, Columbian, Mexican, and Thai seed stock.
Type: 50/50 hybrid of sativa/indica
Looks like: A lime green bud with dull yellow hairs, but also glimmers with trichromes.
Smells like: A light pine flavor with an earthy hint.
Makes you feel: Relaxed body, happy, may make you drowsy.
Helps you with: Pain, anxiety, and insomnia.
Cons: Dry mouth/eyes and drowsiness.

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Unlike her male counterparts, Carly uses her woman brain and takes time studying and appreciating the look and smell of the buds before she burns them. Carly prefers the lighter sativas.

6 Responses to AK-47

  1. Anthony Lloyd says:

    One of the first strains I ever smoked.. Remember feeling really baked without being tired. Great smoke.

  2. Connor Wilson says:

    Strong head high followed by a mellow body buzz. I would get this again.

  3. Isabella Warren says:

    Not the high everyone says it is… Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, just not the insane high I was expecting from all the hype.

  4. Keira Boyle says:

    AK-47 definitely helps with my anxiety and asthma. If you have problems with those try out this strain!

  5. Kate Hewitt says:

    Mainly just didn’t like the taste. The high was great but im not a huge fan of the pine flavor.

  6. Billy Pearson says:

    I got the giggles SO BAD after i smoke this. Thought my side was going to split open from laughing so much. Great Strain!!

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