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Published on December 7th, 2013 | by Eleanor Russell


Fire OG

Fire OG Eleanor Russell

Fire OG Review


Summary: Especially great for pain relief when vaped, Fire OG does wonders for pinched nerves. Although it comes with some long lasting drowsiness, you can still get your mindless work done.


Intense Hit!

User Rating: 4.7 (1 votes)

Upon first glance, it’s clear where Fire OG draws its name. Bright orange and red hairs really make this strain glow, and definitely will catch your eye when paired next to other strains with more “normal” colored hairs. Some patients say the smells are reminiscent of citrus fruits or sometimes more bitter ones like pomegranates or even cinnamon. The smoke from Fire OG lives up to its name, as it is know to be a bit on the intense side and may make even experienced smokers cough a bit earlier than anticipated if too big a hit is taken. Despite being an Indica with long-lasting sleepy side effects, this is a great strain for mild productivity activities such as work around the house or creative/design work. For maximum pain relief, it is recommended that this strain be vaped and is known specifically for its use in treating pinched nerves. Fire OG is an example of a strain named right, as it is absolutely without a doubt, Fire.Fire OG

Parents: OG Kush x SFV OG
Type: Indica
Looks like: Large, dark green buds with bright orange/red hairs
Smells like: Lemon pledge
Makes your feel: Creative, Lazy, Euphoria, Sleepy, Happy
Helps you with: Insomnia, Stress, Pain, Depression
Cons: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Paranoia, Dizziness, Anxiety


About the Author

Based in San Francisco, Eleanor specializes in reviewing strains of cannabis flower and concentrates, and the dispensaries that sell them.

6 Responses to Fire OG

  1. Andre Soetan says:

    Looked FOREVER for a strain that would help the pinched nerves in my back. Finally found it with FIre OG!

  2. Francis Sawyer says:

    Wouldn’t recommend this to new smokers.. it was a bit harsh on my throat and i’ve been smoking for about 8 years! Great high though, once the coughing subsided!

  3. Hewie Jones says:

    Extremely potent! Put me right to sleep!

  4. Sandy Williams says:

    Fire OG was a great surprise to me.. Im usually not affected by OGs much but this was like getting kicked in the face with a super high.

  5. Loreane Falks says:

    Smoked Fire OG for the first time and had the WEIRDEST DREAM OF MY LIFE. Who knew it was dream inducing??

  6. Nathan Boyce says:

    One look at these buds would make even a nun wanna smoke. seriously beautiful

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