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Published on October 8th, 2019 | by Eleanor Russell


Platinum Silver

Platinum Silver Eleanor Russell

Summary: Combining the best qualities of Cookies and Haze


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Platinum Silver is a 50/50 hybrid cross between a unique phenotype cut of the Platinum Cookies strain and Super Silver Haze. It was first propagated by an unknown breeder based in California, though it’s quickly making its way around the rest of the recreational states thanks to its potent sativa-dominant effects and mouth-watering flavors. Platinum Silver is a true cookies hybrid. It’s evident in the euphoria-inducing mental effects that can combat many debilitating mental health problems, including chronic depression. However, the Super Silver Haze lineage also provides potent uplifting effects and sustained energy, making Platinum Silver the perfect strain for managing symptoms while powering through the day. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s not likely to offer relief for sleep-related issues or chronic pain. Platinum Silver also offers some gentle numbing effects in the body that can help manage symptoms of anxiety and help stimulate your appetite. 

Platinum Silver Marijuana Review

Platinum Silver throws long stalky branches while she grows. Much like other Cookies cuts, she tends to grow long, lean and larfy. However, her flowers form tight to the branch like corn cobs or cattails. Her water leaves are generally dark green to purple or black, which contrasts nicely with the bright flowers. Platinum Silver flowers are on the denser side and tend to display a lighter shade of sagey green up close. From further away they appear to be silver or white thanks to the generous amount of silvery-white trichome heads that cover the flowers like a blanket. Her pistils tend to be sandy orange or reddish-brown throughout the flowers. While she grows, she tends to smell very floral and earthy, though her dried flowers tend to lean more towards citrus, wood and spice. When you smoke the dried flowers, the flavor tends to strike you. Much like the odor, the flavor is that of mango and grapefruit with undertones of sandalwood and spice. The smoke is definitely on the spicy side, which may make you cough. On the exhale you can pick up the sweeter bake-sale notes you’ve come to know and expect from Cookie cuts. Overall, Platinum Silver is as beautiful and as rare as a gem. If you ever come across it in a dispensary, you won’t be disappointed if you give it a try.

Platinum Silver Weed Review

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