Hybrid Strains Sunshine Serbet Strain Review

Published on October 22nd, 2019 | by Eleanor Russell


Sunshine Sherbet

Sunshine Sherbet Eleanor Russell

Sunshine Sherbet Review


Summary: A balanced, indica-dominant strain with a fruity flavor.


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Sunshine Sherbet (pronounced sher-bert) is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties strains. It is an east-coast phenotype of Mr. Sherbinski’s famous west-coast Sunset Sherbert strain that tests in at an average of 18-24% THC. While Sunshine Sherbet is locked in at an 85/15 indica-dominant split, it tends to display more uppity sativa effects. A puff or two of the Sunshine Sherbet is all you need to enjoy a heavy, stress-relieving cerebral effect that breeds creativity and imagination. The effects are uplifting and energizing and can help you feel motivated and happy enough to tackle your day, no matter how grey and gloomy it may start.

sunshine sherbet marijuana review

Much like Sunset Sherbet, Sunshine Sherbet is excellent for helping medical patients with anxiety and depression thanks to its gently calming sativa effects. While the majority of effects are cerebral, indica traits of Sunshine Sherbet shine through and act as an anti-inflammatory that aids in nausea, loss of appetite and chronic pain relief.

sunshine sherbet weed strain

Sunshine Sherbet plants grow short and bushy like many other indica-dominant hybrids. However, she throws long larfy stalks, just like you’d expect from a Cookies cut. Her water leaves are broad and dark green, though they tend to darken into an exotic shade of purpley-black during flower. She throws big football-shaped colas formed of thick, dense buds. Each flower starts dark sagey green but tends to change to a crystalline-white color as thick, resinous trichomes form during the flower cycle. Her pistils tend to range from sandy brown to vibrant orange, creating a stark contrast from the green and white flowers. Dried flowers darken as the trichomes dry, though it doesn’t change the complex, fruity smell that exists while on the plant.

Sunshine Sherbert Marijuana Strain

On the nose, Sunshine Sherbet offers a pungent skunky citrus smell. The inhale brings more flavors forward, including a sweet summer berry flavor. The smoke is on the harsher side thanks to high levels of caryophyllene terpenes that give the smoke a peppery feeling. The harshness of the smoke might make you cough or dry out your mouth and eyes. Exhaling Sunshine Sherbet brings the familiar candy and bake-sale flavors you’ve come to expect from Cookies cuts forward. All in all, if Sunshine Sherbet appears on the shelf at your favorite dispensary, give it a try. It’s a little different from Sunset Sherbet, but it offers different effects that may suit you better than what you’re used to. 

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