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Published on November 21st, 2013 | by Rich Harper


White Fire

White Fire Rich Harper

White Fire Review


Summary: White Fire's indica and sativa sides both come out giving you a mental high, followed by a slower body high. quickly gives a mental high, followed by a slightly slower body high.


Best of Both Worlds!

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As one of the first hybrids from OG Raskal, White Fire has earned its reputation as a highly potent strain with amazing visual appeal time and time again.

White Fire buds are a light green color with an extremely frosty coat on the outside; vibrant orange/red patches adorn the buds as well. When the buds are broken up, they have a light yellow color on the inside. White fire has a strong earthy and citrus smell; very aromatic even just when being grinded.

White Fire (White Fire OG, WiFi,) is a hybrid with a small sativa dominance. White Fire quickly gives a mental high, followed by a slightly slower body high. The White Fire strain gives an indica body high and a sativa mental buzz together. This strain is great for stress and pain relief.

For day smoking a few hits should suffice, but in late evening feel free to smoke a bowl or two in anticipation for a deeply relaxing high that has you couch-locked or ready for bed.white fire

White Fire really is one of the best. 5/5 stars for the potency and excellent high.

Parents: Fire OG Kush x Krome’s The White
Type: Indica-dominant hybrid.
Looks like: Light green with bursts of orange.
Smells like: Strong and sour.
Makes you feel: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy
Helps you with: Depression, Pain, Anxiety
Cons: Dry Mouth, Heavy Limbs, Difficulty Holding Conversation


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Rich believes that there is nothing better than being able to review marijuana strains, and nothing more weird than writing about himself in the third person. But it sounds more epic. He is also a huge fan of heavy sativas.

7 Responses to White Fire

  1. Billy Goodwin says:

    NIce head high followed by a heavy body high.

  2. Jasmine McClean says:

    I felt fantastic after ihad used this!! 5/5

  3. Liz Brady says:

    I found it hard to go to sleep after using this strain.

  4. Johnathan Wright says:

    Beautiful buds!!

  5. Hannah Robs says:

    Great bud! I was feeling so creative after smoking so I started drawing and it ended up great!

  6. Earl Thatcher says:

    The smell is very potent as well as the taste! smoked a bit before bed and it was off to dream land for me.

  7. Nell Stewart says:

    Very good for stress and insomnia.

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