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Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by Rich Harper


Yoda OG

Yoda OG Rich Harper

Yoda OG Review


Summary: Yoda OG cannabis strain is great for that long lasting relaxed high that offers hours of pain relief; couch-lock is an almost guarantee.


Get ready to dream!

User Rating: 2.5 (2 votes)

This strain smoke you must, young Padawon.

Make no mistake, Yoda OG comes with a super heavy body high which will have you so stoned, you might just start talking like The Jedi Master himself. This cannabis strain is particularly good for those looking for a long, sedative high that offers hours of pain relief and deep relaxation; couch-lock is an almost guarantee with Yoda. Another positive side to this particular strain is its ability to offer a feeling of stress relief and euphoria, making it an all-around perfect indica strain for patients experiencing physical pain that may be brought on by a large amount of stress. Along with other strains of the same genre, like Skywalker OG and Jedi OG, you’ll find it hard to keep your eyes from closing and sending you into an intergalactic war within your own mind. A beautiful choice for those looking to put on some psychedelic music and drift off into a deep, medicated, pain-free sleep.Yoda OG

Looks likeSmall to medium round, dense buds with mostly greens and subtle oranges
Smells likeStrong, pungent herbs
Makes you feel: Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, Lazy, Creative
Helps you withStress, Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Lack of Appetite
Cons: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Headaches, Dizziness, Paranoia

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About the Author

Rich believes that there is nothing better than being able to review marijuana strains, and nothing more weird than writing about himself in the third person. But it sounds more epic. He is also a huge fan of heavy sativas.

6 Responses to Yoda OG

  1. Roseanne Hutto says:

    Wish this had more indica influence.

  2. Ashton Wakefield says:

    Took a blunt of this out and hot boxed while listening to the entire Dark Side of the Moon album. Surreal experience.

  3. Lynetta Stacy says:

    Yoda helps me get straight to sleep! I love this stuff. I only have to take a couple hits and then i get a great nights sleep- no grogginess like with my sleeping pills.

  4. Jarrod Coombs says:

    I think this stuff kinda looks like garbage but it smokes like a DREAM!

  5. Fred Branch says:

    Yoda OG is great for my head aches and nausea.

  6. Elyse Saylor says:

    After smoking Yoda for the first time my anxiety went from a 7 down to a 2, and my nerve pain was gone completely! Only comment is that its very pungent so if you don’t want the neighbors knowing make sure to take some precautions.

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